Robert Mealing

Hi, I'm Robert. I live in Oxford, England. These are some of my photographs.


Hey! Do you have any tips for somebody visiting Oxford?

A question by Anonymous

Sure! What are you interested in seeing? You should definitely look around the Bodleian Library area and Broad Street where many of the famous old buildings, such as the Sheldonian and the Radcliffe Camera are located. Blackwells is there too, an amazing bookstore where you can get lost for hours. There’s a great art museum called the Ashmolean which is beautiful and filled with some pretty impressive works. The Pitt-Rivers Museum is like nothing I’ve ever seen before… a dark Victorian Anthropology museum filled with curios and bizarre collections connected to the Natural History museum. If you have a chance, you could go punting on the Cherwell, which is a very “Oxford-y” thing to do. There’s a lot to do in Oxford, in spite of the fact that it’s actually quite a small city

One of my orphan photos…
Jubilee Celebration - English Rose

Top of the Oxford Castle motte.

 History Faculty building, Oxford

Broad Street, Oxford

University Parks, Oxford

Keble College from University Parks, Oxford.

Staircase VI at Jesus College, Oxford. Women’s rowing team scores marked in chalk.